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Get on the path that leads you directly to speaking freely

Learn the surprising truths about stuttering that will give you a whole new perspective on stuttering. It's one that makes sense and has been clinically proven to lead to natural fluency.


Here's What You'll Learn

In this course Barbara Dahm, acclaimed speech therapist will explain her unique perspective on stuttering. By taking this course today, you'll gain a realistic and logical understanding of what stuttering is and how a person who stutters can become a naturally fluent speaker.

You're Going to Learn:

  • What it *really* takes to become a confident (and fluent) speaker
  • How to identify the ways that you unknowingly interfere with your ability to speak fluently
  • Why it makes sense to approach stuttering from the perspective of a speech generating system
  • How to enhance your ability to say what you want whenever you want to whomever you want without getting tangled up in techniques or confused about strategies
  • What you can do to achieve the best possible outcomes

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